Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Expectation

She returns to ground zero
anticipating a lingering cloud
to remain outside of herself;
perhaps a haze as thick as
the memory that lays siege 
her mind, her being

like the smitten psychopath
who expects to see his love
at the subsequent funeral;
or the life-prisoner released
in his twilight years
grasping at threads of normalcy
from what had become
his security blanket.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Limerick o' the week, a la Mad Kane

Methinks I will end up posting more weekly limericks than other original poetry for awhile, as the fun of their composition is quick and puts me in enjoyable company! Again, I recommend any readers of this limerick click over to Mad Kane's Limerick-off Monday to submit one or be delighted in reading the others!

The beginning line this week is: "A fellow had made a mistake..." and variations thereof.

Here's mine:

A love-struck man made a mistake,
took a femme out for wine and a steak.
After the sup
he invited her up
but heard, “I don’t do sausage, but cake.”